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The growing popularity of wood fired ovens and outdoor kitchens is outpacing some contractor’s ability to learn about them ahead of time.

Most contractors can build anything, so long as it is well designed and detailed in the form of plans.

We are often contacted by contractors who are being asked to install a wood fired oven for the first time. Often, they are apprehensive, because it is hard to price the installation for something they’ve never built before.

The more information your provide to your contractor, the better the pricing and results that you will get from him.

Our staff is ready and willing to assist you in the design of your indoor or outdoor kitchen and to review any plans that include a wood fired oven or barbecue or fireplace kit, FREE OF CHARGE!


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Your new outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a small couter next to a churrasco barbecue as seen above, or a complex full service outdoor kitchen with several appliances like the design shown below.


Ultimately, your outdoor kitchen plans should reflect the style of your home, or the site where the outdoor kitchen will be built. Local weather considerations that are specific to the site should also play an important role in the choice of the designs and materials to be used.

Regardless of the size of your outdoor kitchen project and the complexity of your outdoor kitchen plans, the staff at Fogazzo is here to assist you in any way possible.

Free design consultation and plan review.


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