Chimney Components

All wood fired oven installations will require a chimney system. Minimally, they will require an anchor plate, some length of chimney pipe, one tube of high temperature caulking and a cap with spark arrestor to top it all off.

Indoor installations may require quite a few more components depending on the type of construction, height of the chimney, etc.

We carry a full line of Simpson chimney components like the DuraTech 2100 Chimney line which has been tested UL listed for normal continuous operation at 1000 F flue gas temperatures. The DuraTech (5" - 8" diameters) system has been subjected to rigorous and stringent UL testing including one hour at 1400 F, plus three ten-minute chimney fire tests at 2100 F.

Our wood fired oven installations, will requite the use of class A 6” pipe, which you can order below, for prompt ground delivery nationwide.

We also carry 8” and 10” pipe for our fireplace and barbecue installations or other class A venting needs.

Our staff can assist you in the design of your system to ensure that you get everything you need for your installation.

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Anchor Plate.
The anchor plate must be used to adapt our ovens to use the Duratech chimney components.
Anchor Plate - Part # 9441

Chimney Pipe.
These are double wall, stainless steel interlocking chimney pipe all in 6” diameter and are available in: 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48” lengths.

6” length - Part # 9402

18” length - Part # 9404

36” length - Part # 9406

12” length - Part # 9403

24” length - Part # 9405

48” length - Part # 9407

15 and 30 Elbows
Use elbows to offset your chimney pipe to meet design requirements or to get around obstructions such as rafters or joists. The 6", diameter may have two pairs of elbows if needed. Offsets greater than 30 are not allowed by code. Elbows must be purchased and used in pairs. Prices are for each piece.

15 Elbow - Part # 9464
Weight 8.75

30 Elbow - Part # 9466
Weight 8.85

Adjustable Wall Strap.
Use on interior or exterior installations to support and stabilize the chimney. Assures a 2-inch clearance to combustibles. Wall straps are required every four feet on exterior of building only.
Adustable Wall Strap - Part # 9468GA

Elbow Strap.
Elbow strap is designed to avoid excessive weight on the elbows by supporting the weight of the chimney. Elbow straps are required to be installed between two elbows in offset installations.
Elbow Strap - Part # 9460

Chimney Cap.
Chimney Cap is made of stainless steel and is designed to twist-lock onto the chimney pipe. Cap is assembled with removable screws that provide for cleaning the included spark arrestor screen
Chimney Cap - Part # 9484

Spark Arrestor Screen
The spark arrestor screen is required in most states to be installed inside the chimney cap. It used to be included with every cap, but it is now sold separately.
Spark Arrestor Screen # 9482

High Temperature Caulking.
A must for creating an airtight seal between the anchor plate and flue of both oven and fireplace installations. Forms a durable seal that will remain flexible even in high temperatures. Rated for 550 degree continuous or 600 degree intermittent use.
Rutland RTV

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