Insulation and Refractory Materials


Rigid Insulation Boards
Service temperature: 1100C (2012F)
Extremely lightweight
Very low thermal conductivity
Excellent mechanical strength
$49.99 each
in 40”x24”x1.5” boards


Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Used for back up insulation over the oven dome, these high quality blankets have a 8lb/ft3 density
$99.99 each
in 24”x12’x2” rolls


Fogazzo Iso-Block
Iso-Block is used for back-up insulation to increase the efficiency of ovens and fireplaces, A must for colder climates, to reduce heat loss and thermal shock.
only $7.99 each
in 12x24x3” blocks

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211 Mortar

Temporarily out of stock

Refractory Mortar
Non-water soluble refractory mortar for use in building ovens, bbqs, etc. Withstands 2550F. Hydraulic set does not require heat to cure. Meets or exceeds NFPA 211
$24.99 each
in a 10LB.. pail

Refractory Clay Sand
Mix with cement to make a refractory mortar
$14.99 each
in a 64oz. pail

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