Model 303

Our Model 303 Wood Fired Fireplaces are hand-crafted, limited production, sculpture quality works of art. They are made using hardwood from old telephone pole arms, naval steel and real firebrick. Each piece of steel is cut, bent and welded to the fireplace until the unit is completed. The firebox is lined with real firebrick, which helps the fireplace to produce warmth all around. The hardwood is added to enhance the appearance and durability of the piece. The hardwood is hand-oiled to give it a rich wood tone. The naval grade steel is painted black but will age to a beautiful rustic patina in just a few years.

Model 303 Fireplace features:

  • Real refractory brick firebox
  • Hand-oiled hardwood trim
  • Welded naval steel construction
  • Fully assembled ready to use
  • Sculptural quality iron work
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Height 61.5 inches
Width 42.5 inches
Depth 25.25 inches
Weight 446 lbs.

Model 303 Wood Fired Fireplace $1,999.00

The firebox is lined with real firebricks.


Welded steel will age to a rustic patina

Model 303 Dimensions

A rustic fire screen is also included.


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