West Covina, CA


This gorgeous outdoor kitchen in West Covina California has a Model 855 wood fired oven as it’s centerpiece.

DSC06151 DSC06145_230_173

This kitchen was framed using light gauge steel studs.

DSC06242_230_173 DSC06431_230_173

A precast concrete arch and shelf are used to finish around the oven door. The framing was covered using DensGlass, an exterior grade gypsum sheeting.

DSC06468_230_173 SDIM0046_230_173

As soon as the oven was built we started to cure it by building gradually larger and larger fires over three days. The countertops were cast in colored concrete.

SDIM9911_230_173 SDIM9923_230_173

Once the framing was covered with the sheeting and diamond lath,a one part stucco was used as a finish and finally a color code was applied over it.


The concrete countertops which were cast off-site were brought over and installed as one of the last steps to complete this outdoor kitchen project.


A charcoal fired drop in barbecue is the second cooking appliance for this outdoor kitchen


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