Newman Lake WA

Newman Lake WA_25

A home in Newman Lake, Washington is the site for this installation of a Model 855. Below are images of the installation step by step.


A base was built over the foundation and built up to the height of the oven support shelf. An extention shelf was cast with the support shelf as well.


Next the oven was fully assembled on top of the insulation board, using high temperature mortar to join the indivudual parts of the wood fired oven kit.


A light gauge steel stud frame was put together to enclose the oven. Then, the oven insulation blanket and vermiculite insulation, were installed over the oven.


Once the oven was enclosed, insulated, and roofed, it was cured by building gradually larger fires over several days to cure and temper the oven.

328 - Copy

The oven was roofed using copper roofing tiles and trim.


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